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- About Us -

Welcome to Fraternal Fragrances!

In a fast paced world sometimes you have to stop, relax, and smell the fragrances of life, "Fraternal Fragrances"! Fraternal Fragrances is the Midwest premier wholesaler and retailer for your natural and organic beauty products and aroma therapy needs. Our company prides itself on providing authentic products that are 100% natural and imported straight from Africa!

Our products offered include:

  • African Black Soaps 

  • Body Oils 

  • Burning Oils 

  • Pure Shea Butter 

  • Perfumes 

  • Colognes 

  • Hand Dipped Incenses 

  • Diffusers and much more! 

Long Lasting Smells!

Roll-On Oils 

Great Prices!

We are on TikTok! @Fraternalfragrance7 New weekly scents offered on 
TikTok only!

Body Soaps


Online Deals 

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